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About York Minster

York Minster is a national treasure and a living Christian community.  It is both place and people: a repository of some of the finest mediaeval glass, stone and architecture; and a pilgrim people learning to seek and serve Jesus Christ in the world.   Everything we do here – from welcoming 700,000 visitors annually, breaking new ground in visitor engagement, to offering music of the highest quality - serves the purpose of the Minster’s life, which is to invite everyone to discover God’s love as it has been revealed in Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

The Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of Saint Peter in York, or York Minster as it is more widely known, is the seat of the Archbishop of York, the mother church of the Diocese of York and the convening focal point for the Northern Province of the Church of England.   Close to the heart of the life of the North for over 900 years, York Minster is a praying community and a well-spring for Christian mission.  

Our Vision and Purpose

‘Inviting everyone to discover God’s love.’

Our Purpose:

  • To play an active role, across the Diocese of York and the Northern Province of the Church of England supporting the work of the Archbishop, sharing our skills and knowledge and working with communities and partners to further our mission;
  • To inspire people, through the story of Jesus Christ, through our worship, prayer and music  and through the heritage and history of York Minster, onto a journey of personal and corporate transformation;
  • To engage all our community in a participative and consultative way;
  • To put learning and the transformation of ourselves and of others at the heart of all we do;
  • To manage our business successfully, covering our costs and generating the funding necessary to further our mission and to sustain the Minster.

Our Values:

  • Courage - We will need to take some brave decisions.
  • Wisdom - We will use the wisdom available to us to help us make informed choices.
  • Trust - We will trust one another as we take these decisions.

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