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Church of England Birmingham

Birmingham is the UK’s second city with the youngest urban population in Europe and one of the most lively and diverse regions. Church of England Birmingham has worshipping communities across the region representing a wide scope of Church tradition and breadth of ethnicity.

It is a time of new opportunities and potential in the Church of England Birmingham as we seek to shape ministry for a changing church and world as part of our “Transforming Church” vision.  For the past ten years, Transforming Church has informed our strategy for mission, with our seven areas of transformation and ten transforming church goals widely established.

Our Growing Younger initiative which flowed out from this has been reaching and impacting many new children, young adults and families over the last three years. We have also been working on building capacity, sustaining momentum, increasing growth, reimagining ministry and embedding our commitment to mission and transformation within the culture of our church at a deeper level, releasing the gifts of many more lay and ordained. This has included an exciting programme of planting new worshipping communities under the banner of ‘Shaping the Future’, and within our strategic framework for mission and ministry ‘People and Places’.

People and Places

People & Places (P&P) is a new framework for church leadership, mission and ministry. The traditional Anglican ministry model is that every parish has a church led by a paid (stipendiary) minister. However, this model is no longer sustainable, fair, or a good fit for our diverse city region.

People & Places allocates church leadership and ministry resources according to population, not historical parish boundaries. The framework also aims to share financial resources more fairly across our Diocese.

Under the P&P framework every Christian community will have a leader. The nature of the leadership may be different to your current church leadership though. A church leader won’t necessarily be paid, ordained or full time. They will work with context and oversight ministers as well as lay leaders, however, so in many ways P&P means more ministry and leadership, not less.

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