Executive Recruitment

Trustee and Committee Meetings

The Secretary is responsible for organising and servicing meetings of the trustee Council (held four or five times annually), its sub-committees (including the Investment Committee, which meets twice a year), and the Audit Committee (which meets twice a year). The Secretary is responsible for preparing and circulating minutes after each meeting. The Secretary is responsible for preparing and lodging documents with the Charity Commission, Companies House and other statutory bodies. The Secretary also services the meetings of the Conference Centre board and of the Queen Victoria Clergy Fund.

General meetings of members

The Secretary is responsible for all arrangements for the Annual General Meeting (normally held in July), including the timely dispatch of the notice and supporting documents to the members of the Corporation (of whom there are around 700), and the preparation and distribution of the minutes. He is the normal point of contact with members of the Corporation throughout the year. The membership consists of all current members of the General Synod plus around 120 people, mostly now in retirement, who were individual members prior to a reform of membership criteria that took place around 20 years ago.

The Council

The Council comprises nine members selected on the following basis:

  • 2 members elected by the members of the Corporation at the Annual General Meeting.
  • 3 members appointed by the Appointments Committee of the Church of England. These nominations are selected from the current membership of the General Synod.
  • Up to 4 members co-opted as trustees for specific expertise required by the Council.

Members of the Council may serve up to two 5-year terms or until they reach the age of 75 when they will be invited to retire. The current members of the Council are:

  • Canon Dr Christina Baxter CBE (Chair) - Elected
  • Hywel Rees-Jones Esq (Treasurer) - Co-opted
  • Canon Lucy Docherty - Elected
  • David Kemp Esq - Appointed
  • Keith Cawdron Esq - Appointed
  • The Venerable Jane Steen - Appointed
  • Chris Smith CBE Esq - Co-opted
  • Andrew Penny Esq - Co-opted

The is one standing committee of the Council:

The Investment Committee

  • Hywel Rees-Jones Esq (Chairperson)
  • Andrew Penny Esq
  • John Booth Esq (Independent member)