Executive Recruitment

Chair of the Diocesan Board of Finance role

Key Purpose

The Chelmsford Diocese Board of Finance is responsible for the custody and management of the diocesan finances and the employment of CDBF staff.

The Chair of the CDBF is a key figure in the running of the Diocese.

In chairing the CDBF, the Finance Committee and Finance Executive, the Chair’s purpose is to provide overall leadership and guidance to Trustees and members to ensure that diocesan mission and strategy is supported by effective financial strategy, planning and management. This involves close co-operation with the Diocesan Bishop, the Bishop’s Leadership Team and the Chief Executive and Diocesan Secretary.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

To be an effective Chair of the CDBF, Finance Committee, Finance Executive, Remuneration and Governance Committee and Standing Committee, leading and supporting members in effective discussion and decision making.

To be a key contact and adviser for the Chief Executive and Diocesan Secretary on all matters relating to the CDBF and its work and to be available for consultation as necessary throughout the year. This may involve meetings, but is more likely to be by virtual means, telephone or email. 

To work collaboratively with the Vice Chair of the CDBF and the Chairs of other Diocesan Boards and Committees. 

To present annually to the CDBF and Diocesan Synod, the Board’s Annual Report, Financial Statements and budget. 

To oversee the auditing of Diocesan Accounts, ensuring that there is an independent Chair of the Audit Committee. 

To work with the diocesan leadership and committees to review and renew our governance structures where appropriate. 

To liaise with parishes or deaneries as and when needed and including where there are concerns or challenges to diocesan financial decisions. 

To assist the Bishop in appointing, appraising and supporting the Chief Executive and Diocesan Secretary. 

To ensure, along with the Remuneration and Governance Committee, that staff members are appropriately remunerated. 

To attend the inter-diocesan finance forum which meets three times a year at Church House, Westminster. 

To keep abreast of relevant policies, legislation and national campaigns and respond to them.

Whilst the Chair of the CDBF is involved in policy making and the development of financial policies, this is not an executive role. Executive functions of the CDBF are carried out by the Chief Executive and Diocesan Secretary and other staff under her direction. The position of the Chair of the DBF is voluntary, unpaid and requires significant commitment which can be expected to average one to two days per month. Expenses will be reimbursed. The appointee must be a lay member of the CDBF Diocesan Synod. It is an elected position and the preferred candidate would be nominated to the Board and Synod ahead of their election. The appointment is for a term of 3 years. No person may serve more than 3 full consecutive terms.