Executive Recruitment

Diocese of Sheffield

Welcome from +Pete

Appointment of the next Chief Executive to the Sheffield Diocesan Board of Finance and Diocesan Secretary

Dear friends,

There is no denying it: these are challenging times in the Diocese of Sheffield.  But by the same token, these are exciting times for us. 

No-one has any doubt that in 2029 the Church of England in South Yorkshire will look very different from the way it is now — but equally no-one is yet very clear about the shape it will take.  Will the whole people of God be mobilised for the whole mission of God?  What will morale be like, among key lay and ordained leaders?  Will attendance figures be in decline or growing?  Will there be more stipendiary incumbents or fewer?  Will there be more congregations or fewer?

We are looking to appoint a Chief Executive to the Board of Finance who will relish the responsibilities of the role.  Obviously, there are certain gifts and skills that will be needed if the appointed candidate is to flourish in this vital role, and these are outlined in the job description and person specification.  However, I would love to appoint a person with a strong sense of vocation to this task at this time; a person of faith and hope and love in God; a person who laughs easily and has a zest for life in Christ; a person with a sense of adventure, unafraid of failure and reliant on the grace of the Holy Spirit.  If that might be you, we would love to explore with you the possibility that the Lord is calling you to this wonderful Diocese.

The Diocese of Sheffield is, yes, former steel-making communities (not least in Sheffield and Rotherham) and former coal-mining communities (not least in the villages around Doncaster).  But it is also far greener than people imagine, with Peak District communities (west and north of Sheffield) and farming communities (north and east of Doncaster).  It boasts some of the finest hospitals in the country and an inspiring Advanced Manufacturing Park, a noble tradition of horse racing (the St Leger) and other centres of sporting excellence.  There are prosperous suburbs and sprawling housing estates, areas of multi-cultural vitality and of stark socio-economic deprivation. 

These are the communities we seek to serve with the Good News of what God has done for the world in the life, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.  If, when you read the role description, you find your pulse is quickening, then please be bold and contact us: we are seeking to be utterly open in this discernment process — at this point there really is no pre-determined outcome.

With every blessing

The Rt Revd Dr Pete Wilcox

Bishop of Sheffield