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We provide retirement housing and pensions, set by the Church of England, for those who serve or work for the Church.

We assist over 41,000 people across almost 700 employers with their pensions, carefully stewarding the funds under our care of almost £3.7 billion.

Around 25% of retiring clergy seek our assistance in finding somewhere to live in retirement. The CHARM (Church Housing Assistance for Retired Ministry) scheme is designed for assist retiring clergy who have not been able to find somewhere to live in retirement. Two options are available to customers – shared ownership and rental, with the majority choosing the latter.

In addition to the CHARM property options, we provide supported housing. This is for retired clergy and their dependants who wish to live as independently as possible with access to a range of support services.

We are the corporate trustee for the following pension schemes – 

  • The Church of England Pensions Scheme providing pensions, and associated benefits, for clergy and others in stipendiary ministry for service from 1 January 1998;
  • The Church Workers Pensions Fund, a centralised pension scheme for employers linked to the ministry and mission of the Church of England.
  • The Church Administrators Pensions Fund, providing pensions for the staff of the National Church Institutions. 

We also administer the pension scheme for the clergy and others in stipendiary ministry and service prior to 1998. We are a registered charity and governed by Church legislation.

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