Executive Recruitment

The Board

There are currently 20 members, with the Chair appointed by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York with the approval of Synod. The remaining members of the Board are either elected or appointed by the members and employers of the pension schemes, and other interested bodies.

The members of the Board, individually and collectively, cover a diverse range of backgrounds and expertise. Striking the right balance of knowledge and experience is essential to the continued effectiveness of the Board and therefore to successful delivery of all our activities.

The full Board meets five times a year, supported also by committees covering housing, pensions, investments and audit.

Appointed Members:

  • Clive Mather 
  • Jeremy Clack FIA
  • Canon Nicolete Fisher
  • Tony King
  • Nikesh Patel
  • The Revd Caroline Titley

Elected by the House of Laity:

  • Roger Boulton FIA
  • Canon Emma Osborne
  • Bill Seddon

Member Nominated Members:

  • The Revd Fr Paul Benfield
  • The Revd Nigel Bourne
  • The Revd Peter Ould
  • Susan Pope 
  • Maggie Rodger
  • Michaela Southworth
  • The Ven David Stanton
  • The Rt Revd Alan Wilson

Employer Nominated Members:

  • Richard Hubbard
  • Canon Sandra Newton