Executive Recruitment

Vision and Values

The Board's vision is to deliver a professional high quality and efficient service to our customers, respecting their needs and the needs of those who provide us with the money to do this.

In our decision making and operations we are guided by the following -

  • Excellence - we take pride in doing a good job
  • We understand the needs and expectations of those we serve and protect 
  • We take personal responsibility for solving problems and learn from what we do 
  • We support what works and welcome change where it's needed
  • We work with others to get the best result 
  • Integrity - we are trustworthy 
  • We do what we have said we will do 
  • We take accountability for what we do 
  • We are open and straightforward with ourselves and others
  • We celebrate behaviours that support our values and challenge those that don't
  • Respect - we treat everyone with dignity 
  • We value people for who they are and embrace our differences 
  • We listen and learn from each other, regardless of who or what we are 
  • We set clear, realistic and fair expectations 
  • We recognise achievement and support each other

All Trustees are expected to support these values and operated within them.