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Vision and Strategy

Our region is young, diverse, creative, dynamic and constantly changing. In the midst of the political, economic, social and environmental changes, God is at work, inside and outside the church. Since 2009, Transforming Church has been shaping our vision across the Church of England in Birmingham, guiding us to be a Church that is growing ‘larger, wider, deeper and younger’ – a Church that is a transforming presence at the heart of our communities. The strapline spells out its core mission: to ‘grow churches at the heart of each community’. As such, Transforming Church has always had its heart in local parishes and in all forms of growth: numerical, spiritual and transformational. Seven Areas of Transformation alongside Ten Diocesan Goals have provided the framework for this.

Growing Younger

The Growing Younger initiative was launched in February 2015. Growing Younger fulfils Transforming Church Goal 4: "To develop a spiritually enriching children’s and youth ministry in every parish and church school."

Shaping the Future

At the start of 2017, we heard that we had been given another significant grant by the Church Commissioners towards a new phase of Transforming Church, called 'Shaping the Future'. This new phase builds on the good work already established through Growing Younger and the wider Transforming Church framework.

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People & Places

People & Places (P&P) is our new framework for church leadership, ministry and mission. It aims to share resources more fairly, foster a Church that is sustainable and outward-looking, and provide a better fit for the superdiverse communities we serve.